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Wednesday, March 2 2011

Rcpp at Geneva-R

I'll present Rcpp at the inaugural Geneva-R meeting.

Geneva-R is an informal gathering of R enthusiasts sponsored by Mango Solutions, that builds on the success of London-R, where I presented twice, and Basel-R

Friday, August 13 2010

Rcpp at LondonR, oct 5th

I'll be presenting Rcpp at the next LondonR, which is currently scheduled for october 5th

Here is one picture I found on flickr, searching for london speed bus, ... there are many other

Wednesday, June 30 2010

Rmetrics slides

I presented Rcpp at the Rmetrics conference earlier today, this was a really good opportunity to look back at all the work Dirk and I have been commiting into Rcpp.

I've uploaded my slides here (pdf) and on slideshare :

and some pictures on flickr:

Friday, May 28 2010

Rmetrics 2010


The 4th User/Developer Meeting on computational Finance and Financial Engineering (Rmetrics 2010) will take place once again in Meielisalp.

This is the first time I'll attend the conference, but I'm not coming empty handed. I'll present the work Dirk and I have done on Rcpp since version 0.7.0. See the abstract for my talk.

Monday, November 9 2009

LondonR slides

I was in london last week to present RemoteREngine at the LondonR user group sponsored by mango solutions.

Apart from minor technical details and upsetting someone because I did not mention that he once presented a much simpler solution to a quite different problem, it went pretty good and people were interested in what the package can do

Essentially, RemoteREngine is an implementation of REngine using java rmi (remote method invocation) for the data transport.

This allows a (or several) client java application to embed an R engine that lives in a different java virtual machine, perhaps on a different physical machine. In a way it is quite similar to the Rserve implementation of REngine, but rmi gives better control over the data transport and we get things Rserve does not currently do such as support for environments or references.

The slides are available here and will probably also make their way to the conference site at some point