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Tuesday, October 11 2011

R Bloggers widget in R Graph Gallery

Following last post about partnership with R Bloggers, Tal and I have added a small widget to the gallery main page to present links to recent posts on R Bloggers


It uses the wordpress api to grab information about the rss feed generated by R Bloggers and displays links one at a time using the same jquery magic as we've used in the widget that was integrated in R Bloggers a few days ago

Saturday, October 8 2011

R Graph Gallery widget in R Bloggers

The R Bloggers website, maintained by Tal Galili, aggregates blogs (including mine) from many people of the R community.

Tal and I have been wondering about how to tight R Bloggers with the gallery, supporting each other's website. To that extent, I've made a quick and dirty widget, using the jquery cycle plugin that is now on the right sidebar of R bloggers, inside the related sites box.


The widget first chooses 20 items from the gallery at random, and then cycles through them.

This is an initial design made specifically for R Bloggers, but it is quite likely that I will improve on this and make the widget more generic so that other website can use it to advertise for the gallery.

Monday, October 3 2011

Twitter updates on R Graph Gallery

I've added a twitter search widget that searches for the #rgraphgallery hashtag or the url of the gallery on the front page.


Friday, September 30 2011

R Graph Gallery - Donations Welcome

I've added a PayPal button into the graph, just in case people want to help the development of the website


Thursday, September 22 2011

Facebook page about the Graph Gallery

I've just created a facebook page about the R Graph Gallery

I hope this will improve the experience of the website by making it more social, for example, I anticipate that people will share their own graphs by sending a picture on the facebook page wall

As part of this, I've added the usual "find us on facebook" widget on the home page of the gallery


Wednesday, September 21 2011

More facebook and google plus on the Graph Gallery

Following up on yesterday's post about facebook like box, I've added some more social things into the gallery. The main page gains a google plus "plus one" button, and each graph page now has a +1 button, a facebook like button, and a facebook comment box