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Monday, February 4 2013

bibtex 0.3-5


The version 0.3-5 of the bibtex package is on CRAN. This fixes a corner case issue about empty bib files thanks to Kurt Hornik.

Saturday, July 10 2010

bibtex 0.2-1

I've uploaded version 0.2-1 of my bibtex package to CRAN.

This release anticipates changes in R 2.12.0, and structures bibtex entries in object of the new class bibentry. The release also fixes various parser and lexer bugs

Friday, December 11 2009

new R package : bibtex

I've pushed to CRAN the package bibtex package

The package defines the read.bib function that reads a file in the bibtex format. The code is based on bibparse

The read.bib function generates an object of class citationList, just like utils::citation