> head( packages, 20 )
      [,1]                 [,2]                                                              
 [1,] "ADGofTest"          "Anderson-Darling GoF test"                                       
 [2,] "ADaCGH"             "Analysis of data from aCGH experiments"                          
 [3,] "AER"                "Applied Econometrics with R"                                     
 [4,] "AIGIS"              "Areal Interpolation for GIS data"                                
 [5,] "AIS"                "Tools to look at the data (\"Ad Inidicia Spectata\")"            
 [6,] "ALS"                "multivariate curve resolution alternating least squares"         
 [7,] "AMORE"              "A MORE flexible neural network package"                          
 [8,] "AcceptanceSampling" "Creation and evaluation of Acceptance Sampling Plans"            
 [9,] "AdMit"              "Adaptive Mixture of Student-t distributions"                     
[10,] "AdaptFit"           "Adaptive Semiparametic Regression"                               
[11,] "AlgDesign"          "AlgDesign"                                                       
[12,] "Amelia"             "Amelia II: A Program for Missing Data"                           
[13,] "AnalyzeFMRI"        "Functions for analysis of fMRI datasets stored in the ANALYZE or"
[14,] "Animal"             "Analyze time-coded animal behavior data"                         
[15,] "AquaEnv"            "AquaEnv - an integrated development toolbox for aquatic chemical"
[16,] "ArDec"              "Time series autoregressive-based decomposition"                  
[17,] "aCGH.Spline"        "Robust spline interpolation for dual color array comparative"    
[18,] "aaMI"               "Mutual information for protein sequence alignments"              
[19,] "abind"              "Combine multi-dimensional arrays"                                
[20,] "accuracy"           "Tools for testing and improving accuracy of statistical results"